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Contact with the media

MPK spokesperson - Mateusz Lubański

phone071 325 08 07, mobile: 885 887 825

Questions can also be asked by e-mail at - CONTACT EXCLUSIVELY FOR MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES.

In any other cases please contact the Passenger Service Office – the contact data is available in the Passenger Service Office tab on this website.

We are at your disposal on working days from 07.00 to 16.00, and by mobile phones outside the office hours.


We will answer all your questions immediately. However, if you wish to receive a reply to your query on the same day, please contact us by 11.00.

Please note that we may need to establish the facts and contact MPK employees before we are able to give you information. Therefore it may happen that we cannot reply immediately, but we will always do that within the time limits given in the Public Information Access Act.

We make material and photos available to you. They are on our Facebook fun page. We only request that you quote the source from which the material or photo comes, when you publish it. If you wish to quote our utterances, please make sure we have authorised them for you. Non-journalists are requested to contact the Passenger Service Office (the contact data is given in the Passenger Service Office tab on this website).

We do not give information about bus or tram routes and timetables, how to get to a given destination, a debt collection process or MPK telephone numbers. All essential information is available on our website.

Passenger complaints are forwarded to the Passenger Service Office or Passenger spokesperson.